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R587.00 Price incl. VAT

CANYON Despot GM-9 Wired MMO Gaming Mouse Black

R230.00 Price incl. VAT

CANYON GM-5N Corax Gaming Mouse - Black

R350.00 Price incl. VAT

CANYON Fobos GH-3 Gaming Headset

R360.00 Price incl. VAT

This vertical gaming mouse equipped with a joystick is something that many advanced players were really looking forward to! It was created to ease an excessive load on a hand and forearm muscles during long-lasting gaming or working sessions. Using this mouse is like using a pen or a pencil, so you do not have [...]

R230.00 Price incl. VAT

This useful accessory protects the mouse cord from twisting and the objects on the table from the threat of being knocked over during hot gaming battles. Besides organizing the gaming space, bungee enhances performance by eliminating mouse movement restrictions, which improves reaction speed. For additional functionality, we have equipped this model with a four-port USB [...]

R540.00 Price incl. VAT

CANYON Leonof GS-1 3in1 Gaming  

R260.00 Price incl. VAT


R420.00 Price incl. VAT

Canyon Nightfall Gaming Headset Virtual 7.1 surround sound with Microphone

R1,920.00 Price incl. VAT

Argama Gaming Set CND-SGS03M-US

R1,660.00 Price incl. VAT

Logitech VC Zone Wired Headset Stereo Graphite

R900.00 Price incl. VAT

Logitech VC Headset Mono (Single Ear)

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