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R559.00 Price incl. VAT

Sunertec 12V 18AH Gel Battery

24% off
R2,799.00 Price incl. VAT

LC Star Solar Slimline 12V 150AH Deep Cycle Gel Battery

20% off
R3,199.00 Price incl. VAT

Sun Deep Cycle Gel Solar Battery 150AH - On backorder

29% off
R1,999.00 Price incl. VAT

LC-Star Solar 12V 100AH Deep Cycle Gel Battery (SGT12-100)

40% off
R1,500.00 Price incl. VAT


R3,320.00 Price incl. VAT

100AH 12V Deep Cycle Battery - OLITER GEL - SOL-B-G100-12V

27% off
R2,199.00 Price incl. VAT

Ecco Power Deep Cycle Gel Battery (FT100GY)

30% off
R2,099.00 Price incl. VAT

Ecco 12v 100ah Gel Battery (SB100GY)

20% off
R2,399.00 Price incl. VAT

TwinPower Gel Deep Cycle Battery 12V-100AH

R4,249.00 Price incl. VAT

Available on backorder - Sunertec 12V 200AH Gel Battery

R3,200.00 Price incl. VAT

Available on backorder - Sunertec 12V 150AH Gel Battery

16% off
R2,599.00 Price incl. VAT

Sun Solar DC to AC power inverter S-330 (330 watts) Kit – Includes 1 X 100AH battery free Battery charger