Our deliveries have now resumed. Please take care and be safe. For more information on Covid-19 please visit https://sacoronavirus.co.za/

Purchase discount vouchers and support a small to medium sized business

Supporting small to medium sized businesses in our country is something we hold very closely to our hearts. This being said we have negotiated awesome great value for money deals with selected small to medium sized businesses in our country. You can now buy discount vouchers from our website and use later. By you supporting […]

Trusted Seller on Takealot.com

  Fantastic News!!! Yes!!! That’s correct! eGadgets South Africa is now a trusted Seller on Takealot.com – which means you can now buy our products on the Takealot.com website. Click on the following link to buy our products on the Takealot website : https://www.takealot.com/seller/egadgets-south-africa?sellers=29823447 Always looking to make a positive difference! Always looking at ways to […]

We now offer FREE Delivery on all purchases

We at eGadgets South Africa genuinely care about making a positive difference in South Africa. Besides being involved in giving back to our Charity organisation, Speedy Speed www.speedyspeed.co.za, we are always committed to improving your shopping experience from start to finish. Over and above improving your shopping experience we want to build a solid relationship […]

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