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Inverters for sale

Worried about Loadshedding? Stress no further, eGadgets South Africa has a wide selection of inverters to help keep the lights on.

Why use an Inverter?
When talking about Loadshedding solutions, people always tries to make a comparison between an inverter and a generator. An inverter can be explained as “a low noise generator that uses the battery as its fuel tank”.

Which option should I go for?

Generator – Generators are AC power supplies that use fuel (Petrol or Diesel) as their main source of energy. One of the major drawbacks of a generator is they can be extremely inefficient and can waste a lot of fuel if they’re not run correctly and at the appropriate load. Generators also unnecessarily pollute the environment. If your generator is run below seventy five percent of its rated capacity, this can cause carbon buildup on the critical engine components, shortening the life of your generator’s engine. In addition, generators are noisy & expensive to run and maintain.

Inverter – Inverters are also AC power supplies but they use stored DC electrical energy in a battery or battery bank. They use electronics and transformers to modify the DC to AC and then boost the voltage to create 220V. Inverters are extremely efficient, even when compared to generators, and only consume DC power in direct relation to the amount of AC power they put out.

Other major benefits of Inverters for sale at eGadgets South Africa

  • they are virtually silent compared to generators;
  • the batteries are charged when connected to the main utility power source, alternatively solar panels can be used to charge the batteries;
  • they are comparatively light weight compared to generators;
  • there is no need to store fuel (diesel or petrol);
  • the running costs are much lower;
  • there is little or no maintenance involved.

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Shipped in estimated 3 to 5 working days  12V 1000W Pure Sinewave Power Inverter with Charger- SunMagic Description Keep your devices running during power outages! This product needs a battery to work (Not included) When this inverter is running or charging, the fan will rotate to dissipate heat And makes noise. Input Voltage: DC 12V [...]

R16,500.00 Price incl. VAT

On backorder - MECER 5.6kW 6kWMPPT 48V - high voltage

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R399.00 Price incl. VAT

AFR 150W DC To AC Inverter

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R499.00 Price incl. VAT

AFR 300W Inverter

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Sun Solar DC to AC power inverter S-330 (330 watts) Kit – Includes 1 X 100AH battery free Battery charger

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AFR 300W Inverter Kit

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Available on backorder - Ecco EC-NS3500 Pure Sine Wave Inverter

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Shipped in estimated 3 to 5 working days  Mecer Axpert MKS 1kVA 1kW Off Grid 600W MPPT 24V – SOL-I-AX-1M-24 Please email info@egadgets.co.za to confirm ETA. Thank you for your co-operation.  • Pure sine wave inverter • Output power factor 1 • Built-in MPPT solar charge controller • Selectable charging current based on applications • [...]

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500W 12V AFR Inverter with built in charge controller

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MECER 3kW 24V PWM 1200W

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Two String Combiner for 5NB ( 2 into 1 )