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Shop for Modems and Routers from brands like Acer, Samsung, Asus and more. Get it now with Free Delivery at eGadgets South Africa (PTY) Ltd.

R400.00 Price incl. VAT

Cudy 1300Mbps High Gain WiFi USB3.0 Adapter

R559.00 Price incl. VAT

Netis 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch

R459.00 Price incl. VAT

Netis 5 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Modems and Routers

D-Link DWR-730 Mobile Router

R475.00 Price incl. VAT

D-Link DWR-730 Mobile Router

R949.00 Price incl. VAT

D-Link DWR-M932M 4G/LTE Mobile Mi-Fi Router SIM

R599.00 Price incl. VAT

Huawei WS318 300mbps 2.4GHz Wifi Repeater

R399.00 Price incl. VAT

Totolink EX200 300MB 2.4GHz Plug Mounted Range Extender 1x Lan & 2x Antenna

R1,500.00 Price incl. VAT

Ultra Link 4G LTE CPE Wireless Router(UL-INT-4G10)

R1,200.00 Price incl. VAT

Ultra Link 4G Wi-Fi Router (UL-INT-4G01)

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R930.00 Price incl. VAT

Acer Wireless Mirror Dongle HWA1 HDMI (White)

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Modems and Routers

Huawei WiFi AX3 Dual-Core

R1,230.00 Price incl. VAT

Huawei Wi-Fi 6 router Dual Core 1.2GHz;4 antennas.1 WAN Port;3 LAN Ports; Dual Band.

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Out of stock
R229.00 Price incl. VAT

Shipped in 5 to 7 working days If you need to extend the wireless coverage in your home/office, this is the product for you. Easily pairs up with your existing router. Great experience based on coverage improvement Seamless WiFi roaming, always connect better signal WiFi SSID and password automatic synchronization Transfer rate up to 300 [...]